TD Jakes Show

T.D. Jakes Show - He Said - She Said

In all his years of counseling couples, T.D. Jakes discovered that the source of most issues is simply bad communication. So today, hopefully,...

T.D. Jakes Show - Love & Happiness

This show is a compilation of the show’s greatest moments talking about love and relationships.

TD Jakes Show - TDJ Remembers The Emanuel Church Shootings

TD Jakes remembers the Emanuel Church Shootings and offers a thoughtful message to everyone affected by this tragedy. "The only way to defeat...

TD Jakes Show "ONE of my Favorite Moments as a Father"

TD Jakes shares ONE of his favorite moments as a father, as he sends his son off to college. "It was very meaningful, precious, unforgettable...

TD Jakes Show - "Empowering Moments - NEGATIVE PEOPLE"

TD Jakes offers advice to "steer clear of negative people." "The time is now to surround yourself with positive people."

TD Jakes Show - This Father's Day Don't Let it Go Unsaid

TD Jakes issues a challenge to all of those who still have their fathers. "Don't let it go unsaid if you love them, tell them."

TD Jakes Show - "First Fathers Day Photo Challenge"

The TD Jakes Show wants to celebrate all of the new dads in the world and we are issuing a challenge.

TD Jakes Show - "A Message for the Dads"

TD Jakes sends a special message to all of the dads out there. "You are valuable, you are needed, and the family and the kids are better because...

TD Jakes Show - Justin Bieber Uses TD Jakes Video To Make His Point On No Photos

Justin Bieber recently used one of TD Jakes videos to make his point as to why he won't be taking photos with his fans any longer. "You had a...

TD Jakes Show "Happy Birthday TDJ!" June 9. 2016

Members of the Village wish TD Jakes a Happy Birthday

TD Jakes - "Thanks for all The Birthday Love!"

TD Jakes thanks the village for all the birthday love. "I'm celebrating the fact that you love me enough to make it special."

TD Jakes Show - Episode 1 "Public Shaming"

Today it’s an issue no one can stop talking about. Public shaming. When parents call out their kids for bad behavior on tape and then post it now...