TD Jakes Show

T.D.s Take On: Laughter & Tears

T.D.'s Take on the emotions that this show will bring out of you.

T.D.'s Take On: Relationships

T.D. Jakes gives his take on all types of relationships.

T.D.'s Take On: People

T.D. Jakes gives his take on his love for people.

T.D.'s Take On: Social Media

T.D. Jakes gives his take on Social Media.

T.D.'s Take On: Continuing A Journey

T.D. Jakes gives his take on what the show enables him to do.

T.D. Jakes Issues A Heartfelt Message To The City Of Charlotte

T.D. Jakes issues a heartfelt message to the city of Charlotte

T.D.'s Take: Welcoming The Village

T.D. Jakes welcomes the Village to the show.

T.D.'s Take On: Celebrity

T.D. Jakes gives his take on bringing celebrities on the show and how everyone is interesting in their own way.

T.D.'s Take On: Diversity

T.D. Jakes give his take on the diversity of America as a quilt.

T.D.'s Take On: Inspiration

T.D. Jakes gives his take on, what inspires him.

T.D. Jakes Show - "Conversations With America - Beyond The Black & Blue"

Don't miss our powerful and healing show as we visit the scene of the crime in Charlotte NC following the police shooting of Keith Lamont Scott....

T.D. Jakes Show - Repairing Broken Bonds - 1076

The relationship between a mother and a son is one of the strongest bonds between two people. When that bond gets broken, people can be shattered...