1043 - Celebrating Military Heroes (Part 2)

On today's show we celebrate and honor the MEN and WOMEN who so proudly serve in the US Armed Forces. If it wasn’t for their bravery and the sacrifices, made by both them and their families, the US would not be what it is today. . On this Veterans Day, we take this time to celebrate the men and women of the US Armed Forces.

Married for ten years, Joshua and Jennifer Ray have six children ranging from 1 to 10 years old. Joining the Marine Corps in 2004, Sgt. Ray deployed to Iraq as a Combat Engineer in 2006. Discharged in 2012, Sgt. Ray has embarked on bettering his life for he and his family. Currently, Sgt. Ray is a full time student at Cal State San Marcos, majoring in Communications, plus works
an average of 30 hours/week at a Realty firm. His wife has a home based business and they are devoted to their children – including home schooling. Sgt. Ray continues to battle with PTSD, and other combat related injuries, but in typical "Marine" fashion, he never gives up.

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