TD Jakes Show - Justice For All - 1094

We rarely, if ever think that it can or will happen to us. It is the Kafkaesque nightmare from which you cannot awaken, the worst-case scenario we can’t reasonably prepare ourselves for. But it happens more than we want to believe. Since 1989, 317 wrongfully convicted people in the United States have been proven innocent through DNA testing—more than half through the aid of the Innocence Project, cofounded by Barry Scheck—including 18 people on death row. Their sentences ranged from five months to 35 years, with the average person serving thirteen years before exoneration. There are many innocents still serving sentences, others who served full sentences, and still others who have been put to death.

This show will talk to two people who were wrongfully convicted, served time in prison and eventually released when new evidence came to light, proving their innocence. We will also examine the impact of false imprisonment on families by speak to the adult children of a woman that had been wrongfully convicted of murder.